About SQL Dumpster

Welcome to SQL Dumpster. We provide databases for website designers, mobile app developers, software developers, direct marketing and market research. We supply website content, marketing lead databases, directory data for location based services and other business listings.

Allow us to simplify your development process. Collecting data can be a lengthy task but we can provide data from countries, towns, cities and counties to lists of airports across the world. Focus on designing and marketing your website and let us power you site with the data you need. If you already have a list of items and wish to create a database, use our generator and we will create the SQL dump for you.

Whether your looking to build a niche website or a local business directory, doing market or business research, or embarking on a direct mail, email or telephone marketing campaign, we can supply you with the ideal database for you. Our price is far less than other sources and you need only pay once for a lifetime membership — you will have unlimited access to all our databases once you have registered. We constantly update the website with fresh data and other associated content. Browse or search our database directory to find the list you need. Each database can be downloaded as a plain SQL file or as an archived ZIP or GZIP file for faster downloads. Be sure to check the website often as new databases are added each week.