Food and Drink databases

If you're interested in starting a website about drinks and foods, the Food and Drink database category offers you a good start to do that. Here you will find mostly recipes, but also food and drink categories and brands.

These databases can be used not only to build recipe websites or blogs, but also for mobile apps. You can use them to create an app with food or drink recipes. These databases contain a lot of useful information for any website in the cooking niche. You can build a large site with the help of these databases or you can use it to complement an existing site about cooking or bartending.

Check out the various databases available in this category and imagine the kind of websites you can build with all this information. You can change the way these databases are displayed and if you click on them you will get a sample of their contents, so you know exactly what kind of site you can make with them.

Whether you want to create a website about all the kinds of vodka that are available and you need a list of names, or you want to show people what kind of recipes the fancy restaurants prepare, these food and drink databases should prove useful.

A range of drink cocktails and recipes including ingredients, mixing and serving methods and nutritional information

Rows: 9,033

A range of food recipes including appetizers, mains and deserts

Rows: 23,057

A range of food recipes including appetizers, mains and deserts

Rows: 41,692

A list of brands of vodka

Rows: 181

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