Saudi Arabia towns

A list of towns and cities in Saudi Arabia including normalized name, region, timezone and location..

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1Ā ‘UţayfahA `Utayfah17.9619243.19282Asia/Riyadh
2Abā ad DūdAba ad Dud27.0258344.07311Asia/Riyadh
3Abā al ḨīrānAba al Hiran27.0511340.94825Asia/Riyadh
4Abā al KibāshAba al Kibash24.8179546.47423Ar RiyāḑAsia/Riyadh
5Abā al KibāshAba al Kibash24.7970246.43045Ar RiyāḑAsia/Riyadh
6Abā ar RuwāthAba ar Ruwath30.4563242.00596Northern Borders RegionAsia/Riyadh
7Abā as Su‘ūdAba as Su`ud17.4666744.10000Asia/Riyadh
8AbabAbab25.2500044.60000Ar RiyāḑAsia/Riyadh
10Abarahee aţ ŢaybīAbarahee at Taybi23.9666745.03333Asia/Riyadh