Singapore towns

A list of towns and cities in Singapore including normalized name, region, timezone and location..

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1Adam ParkAdam Park1.33167103.81222Asia/Singapore
2Adelphi Park EstateAdelphi Park Estate1.35500103.82889Asia/Singapore
4Ah Soo GardenAh Soo Garden1.35028103.90028Asia/Singapore
5Aik Hong and Aik Chiang EstateAik Hong and Aik Chiang Estate1.39083103.72861Asia/Singapore
6Alexandra EstateAlexandra Estate1.29389103.81972Asia/Singapore
7Ama KengAma Keng1.40444103.70667Asia/Singapore
8Ang Mo Kio New TownAng Mo Kio New Town1.38028103.83972Asia/Singapore
9Ang Mo Kio New TownAng Mo Kio New Town1.36917103.84972Asia/Singapore
10Ardmore FlatsArdmore Flats1.30944103.83000Asia/Singapore