United States towns and cities

This full list of US towns and cities provides an up-to-date database of every town, city and settlement in the United States of America in all 50 states. If you are building a website or application and need a complete list of every town and city in the US, then this database will save you hours of development time. The database is available in SQL format, which means you can import the data directly into your database within minutes, and Excel format making the data easy to edit and format.

This list of US cities is updated regularly so you know you will always have up-to-date information on your website or application or even just for research purposes.

The database also includes every zip code in the United States of America and the latitude and longitude of every city and town in America. Search these towns and cities by county, state, state code or zip code.

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1AbandaChambers CountyAlabamaAL3627633.10095-85.52968197Populated Place
2AbbevilleHenry CountyAlabamaAL3631031.57184-85.25049137County Seat
3Abbot SpringsShelby CountyAlabamaAL3507833.36094-86.48165165Populated Place
4AbelCleburne CountyAlabamaAL3625833.54872-85.71246295Populated Place
5AbercrombieBibb CountyAlabamaAL3503432.84874-87.1650094Populated Place
6AberfoilBullock CountyAlabamaAL3606132.07043-85.68773172Populated Place
7AbernantTuscaloosa CountyAlabamaAL3544033.29039-87.19805142Populated Place
8AbernathyCleburne CountyAlabamaAL3627333.65066-85.40745312Populated Place
9Abington GreenJefferson CountyAlabamaAL3524333.45788-86.75693249Neighborhood
10Academy DriveTuscaloosa CountyAlabamaAL3540333.23484-87.5430677Neighborhood