Events named massacres

A list of events for which one of the commonly accepted names includes the word "massacre".

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161Europe North !Anglesey, BritanniaMenai MassacreunknownGaius Suetonius Paulinus ordered the Roman army to destroy the Celtic Druid stronghold on Anglesey in Britain, sacking Druidic colleges and sacred groves. The massacre helped impose Roman religion on Britain and sent Druidism into a decline from which it
2390Europe South !Thessaloniki, MacedoniaMassacre of Thessaloniki7,000Emperor Theodosius I of Rome ordered the executions after the citizens of Thessaloniki murdered a top-level military commander during a violent protest against the arrest of a popular charioteer.
3782Europe North !Verden, Lower Saxony, GermanyMassacre of Verden4,500Charlemagne ordered the massacre of 4,500 imprisoned rebel pagan Saxons in response to losing two envoys, four counts, and twenty nobles in battle with the Saxons during his campaign to conquer and Christianize the Saxons during the Saxon Wars.
4November 13, 1002Europe North !various cities, EnglandSt. Brice's Day massacreunknownKing Ethelred II of England ordered all Danes living in England killed. The Danes were accused of aiding Viking raiders. The King of Denmark invaded England and deposed King Ethelred.
5December 30, 1066Europe South !Granada, Al-AndalusGranada massacre4,000A Muslim mob crucified Jewish vizier Joseph ibn Naghrela and killed most of the Jewish population of the city, apparently angered by the prominence and wealth attained by Naghrela and his people.
6May 1182Asia West !Constantinople, Byzantine EmpireMassacre of the Latins60,000–80,000Wholesale massacre of all Latin (Western European) inhabitants of Constantinople by a mob.
71325America North !Crow Creek Site, Great Plains, North AmericaCrow Creek massacre500Native Americans indigenous to the area that is now South Dakota killed Central Plains villagers.
8November 8, 1520Europe North !Stockholm, SwedenStockholm Massacre\n(Stockholm Bloodbath)80–90Days after his coronation in Stockholm, King Christian II of Denmark – trying to maintain the personal union between Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and thus keep up his claims to the Swedish throne – liquidated nobles and bishops who earlier had opposed
91570Asia West !CyprusCyprus massacre30,000–50,000Ottoman forces capturing Cyprus killed mostly Greek and Armenian Christian inhabitants.
10August 23, 1572Europe West !Paris, FranceSt. Bartholomew's Day massacre5,000 - 70,000A wave of Catholic mob violence against the Huguenots.