Construction terms

A glossary of terms associated with the construction industry including tools, terms and machinery. Includes item, category and a definition.

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1Hand ToolAbrasive stone fileA file that's used on ceramic tile.
2Hand ToolFlux brushThis is used to apply flux to copper fittings.
3Hand ToolAdjustable bevel squareThis square is used to transfer any angle accurately.
4Hand ToolAdjustable wrenchA wrench that has an adjustable head to accommodate various sizes of nuts and bolts.
5Hand ToolAllen wrenchThis wrench is a Hexagonal wrench that is used in conjunction with screws or bolts with recessed hexagonal heads.
6Hand ToolBall peen hammerThis hammer is used for striking cold chisels and punches; used for general metal work; This hammer at one time was also used to round rivet heads.
7Hand ToolBand clampUsed for clamping round and oval shaped pieces.
8MachineryBand SawUsed for cutting curves and odd shaped angles.
9Hand ToolBar clampsA clamp that's used for larger areas that need to be clamped and also has adjustable bar sizes.
10MachineryBench levelA highly accurate level used for precision work.