Fitness/Work out exercises

A list of workouts and fitness exercises including difficulty, type, body parts, muscles, equipment used and directions on how to perform the workout..

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1Cable kneeling crunchAdvancedNon-cardioKnee traumaNoneAbdominalsUpper AbdomenObliquesCable machineIn the kneeling position grip the cable trunk’s handle with both hands. Keeping the handle in front of you, bend down humping your back and trying to reach your abs with your head. Your pelvis slides in the opposite direction.Hold for a brief second in the lowest point to make your abs feel the maximum contraction. Return to the starting position.
2Cable standing crunchBeginnerNon-cardioScoliosisNoneAbdominalsRectus AbdominisNoneCable machineAttach a rope handle to a high cable pulley and stand upright with your chest to the weight stack. Hold the ends of the rope in each hand by the sides of your head.Bend your head and torso down remembering to keep your hands by the side of your head.Hold, then return to the upright starting position.
3Cable straight arm pull-downBeginnerNon-cardioShoulder traumaNoneArmsTriceps BrachiiNoneCable machineStand with feet shoulder-width apart. Grasp the handle with both hands using narrow overhand grip.Pull the handle down to hips until arms are extended. Complete 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps.
4Cable woodchopperIntermediateNon-cardioNoneNoneArmsTriceps BrachiiObliquesCable machineStand tall by the cable machine. Grip the handle of the upper pulley with both hands. Keep hands by your shoulder.Extend arms in direction of your opposite hip.
5High woodchopperIntermediateNon-cardioSpinal curvatureScoliosisAbdominalsUpper AbdomenObliquesCable machineStand with your side to the cable machine. Grip the handle of the upper block of your cable trunk with both hands.While keeping your arms by shoulder, rotate your body and pull your arms down towards the floor.Complete necessary number of repetitions for one side and switch to the other.
6Cable neutral grip triceps pushdownBeginnerNon-cardioElbow joint traumaNoneArmsTriceps BrachiiNoneCable machineStand up tall, facing the cable machine with your feet at your hips’ width, your knees slightly bent, and your elbows pulled back and tucked into your sides. Take a neutral grip on the handles.Inhale slowly, then exhale and straighten your arms. Avoid snapping your arms out and maintain your body position throughout.Inhale, and bend your arms gently at the elbow to return to the starting position.
7Standing oblique crunchIntermediateNon-cardioScoliosisNoneAbdominalsObliquesNoneCable machineStanding by the cable trunk, grip the handle attached to the higher block.Bend your waist towards the cable machine making the handle go down.Repeat with the other hand.
8Unilateral high cable flyIntermediateNon-cardioElbow and wrist joint traumaNoneArmsTriceps BrachiiPectoralisCable machineStand by the cable machine. Grasp the handle of the upper pulley with both hands. Position feet firmly on the ground shoulder-width apart.Pull the handle to your outer side until arms are extended.
9Row plus extensionIntermediateNon-cardioSpine traumaSpinal curvatureBackLatissimus DorsiTrapeziusCable machineHold a close grip handle, your arms straight out in front of you. Lean forward with your back straight.Start leaning back as you pull the handle to your chest bending your elbows and bringing your shoulder blades together.
10Upward rowIntermediateNon-cardioVarix dilatation of lower extremitiesPilesShouldersDeltoidsTrapeziusCable machineMount a T-bar to the lower pulley and stand facing the machine with your feet shoulder-width apart.Slowly pull the bar to your chest raising elbows up the sides.Return slowly to the starting position.