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As SQL data experts, we also provide quality SQL dumps for mobile application developers including iPhone app databases and Android mobile application databases. Our aim is to take some of the strain out of mobile app development by providing the data you need in a ready to use format allowing you to concentrate entirely on the application itself instead of scraping and obtaining the data manually.

iPhone and Android apps can now be built quickly and effortlessly by downloading the database from our website, and immediately integrating the data within your application. Some common types of application include a straight forward search engine or directory of the content which we can be downloaded from SQL Dumpster.

Although all database dumps available on this website can be used with application development, below is a list specially selected with iPhone and Android app development in mind:

A list of worldwide cities from 234 different countries including country code, city name, region, population, latitude and longitude. The 'Region' is a two character ISO-3166-2 or FIPS 10-4 code for the state, county or region. Please download Worldwide regions for list of regions.

Rows: 3,173,958

This database contains a full list of every postcode and postal district in the United Kingdom as of June 2013. The list contains more than 1.7 million postcodes within England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The data includes the town name, county, country and geographic location of each postcode.

Rows: 1,745,310

This full list of US towns and cities provides an up-to-date database of every town, city and settlement in the United States of America in all 50 states. If you are building a website or application and need a complete list of every town and city in the US, then this database will save you hours of development time. The database is available in SQL format, which means you can import the data directly into your database within minutes, and Excel format making the data easy to edit and format. This list of US cities is updated regularly so you know you will always have up-to-date information on your website or application or even just for research purposes. The database also includes every zip code in the United States of America and the latitude and longitude of every city and town in America. Search these towns and cities by county, state, state code or zip code

Rows: 180,780

A range of food recipes including appetizers, mains and deserts

Rows: 41,692

A dump containing PHP functions with compatible PHP version, description, return type and arguments

Rows: 4,828

A range of drink cocktails and recipes including ingredients, mixing and serving methods and nutritional information

Rows: 9,033

A list of features and places around the world including Britain, United States, India, South Africa, Russia and many more. Data includes state/province, population, timezone, alternate names, latitude and longitude. Features include hotels, airports, stadiums, and many other tourist attractions.

Rows: 8,255,793

Elements in the periodic table

Rows: 118

A list of workouts and fitness exercises including difficulty, type, body parts, muscles, equipment used and directions on how to perform the workout.

Rows: 622

A list of postal codes in 71 countries including Britain, United States, India, South Africa, Russia and many more. Data includes state/province, latitude and longitude.

Rows: 911,346

A complete list of football players from over 30 leagues and 500 football clubs worldwide. This football player database also includes player rating (based on FIFA Ultimate Team 2012), date of birth and other statistics

Rows: 8,847

A list of worldwide educational institutions including colleges and universities

Rows: 1,768

A variety of different jokes to establish a humor or entertainment website

Rows: 10,999

Information on London's train stations including latitude, longitude, zone, total lines and rail.

Rows: 306

A list of ATM locations within major cities within the United Kingdom. Data includes address of machine, owner and Latitude/Longitude

Rows: 63,172

A list of words, the type of word (e.g. noun, verb, adjective) and a list of synonyms

Rows: 204,553

These are beaches published in Marine Conservation Society's guide to the state of the UK's beaches. Ratings are based on tests on bathing water at beaches around the United Kingdom, conducted between May and September 2007

Rows: 778

A list of the 88 constellations used in modern astronomy, which properly speaking are not patterns of stars, as in the common use of the word, but areas of the sky.

Rows: 88